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Software Engineer with 10+ years’ experience in R&D projects and safety projects. I am in charge of several complex systems involving software and hardware components. My scope of responsibility starts from the collection of the need and ends at the delivery and maintenance of the system. I write system quality plan, validation plan, and configuration plan complying with IEEE and ISO standards. I define system architecture, including hardware and software. I coordinate or execute the software development and validation. I am familiar with mathematics, algorithmics, physics, nuclear, computer vision, web development and agile development. I am quality oriented and keen on working on innovative R&D project.

Work experiences

2008 - 8 years - AREVA - reactors - Paris

Post: R&D engineer:

Developed skills: standards & norms - software design and validation - XML - python - c++ - Qt - neutronics - nuclear power plants - english

2007, 6 months - Cliris - Behavioral analysis - Paris

Post: intern in a R&D team for behavioral analysis for marketing through computer vision.
Developed skills: image processing - computer vision - c++ - openCV - openMP

2006, 4 months - MSH - National center of research - Paris

Post: Intern in a R&D team on emotional states recognition of a dancer through her corporeal expressions.
Developed skills: image processing - computer vision - c++ - Qt - fuzzy logic

2003-2006 - Euro Cap-import from japan - Paris

Post: IT administrator and developer of an invoicing software for the company.
Developed skills: c++ - GTK - SAGE - english



Engineering skills


2004-2007 - ECE School of engineering - Paris

Master’s degree in embedded systems
Specialities: R&D
Option: international

2002-2004 - Lycée Marcellin Berthelot - Paris

preparatory classes - major in mathematics


2009-2011 - Supelec - Paris

professional trainings for designing complex system

2006-autumn - Polytechnique - Montreal

semester in embedded systems, real time and robotics

2005-2006 - Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers - Paris

evening courses in AI and intelligent systems

2004-autumn - Staffordshire University - England

semester in electronics


Side projects